2013-04-24 12:40:37 by Mohabot

So... yeah... I am making a very own webchatt app now. Its gonna be simple and straight forward, then Im gonna sell it until I get the money to dominate the world. Imagine the world in my hands... mwa ha ha.

BTW, Heres a fucking link that you can click on

and if you click on it, youll become an experimental object of mine.


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2013-04-24 18:51:49

seems legit


2013-04-25 14:06:33

Just registered, but I can nae login (nothing happens). Am I supposed to get a validation email or something?

Mohabot responds:

was the account name test_1? If so I tried logging in with it and it was fine.


2013-04-25 16:01:56

Nope, account name was Cyber. I get a err=2 URL but no message.

Mohabot responds:

Oh, now I get it. Cyber is below 6 chars, and pass/username must be over 6 characters long. Your account was never registered.. so you got an error that I forgot making a handler for.


2013-04-29 06:08:53

I'm going to ddos it.