2014-11-15 11:10:53 by Mohabot

Deleted due to excessive horrible. I'm sorry guys... :(


16/11: Starting today. Wish me luck


25/11: It's going pretty well. So far so good.


29/11: I'm probably getting a new account. Maybe next year, I wouldn't think any sooner than that. Personally I hope as soon as possible... cause I wanna get out there into the world of possibilities. My 1 roomed apartment is getting kinda rusty to live in.


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2014-11-15 14:49:17

It's so easy to get stuck in that loop. Just gotta find a reason, re-purpose, get up and start walking and soon you'll be running, blazing by like a speeding breeze! A typhoon that feeds on seas!

Mohabot responds:

Yeah. Filling my news with new entries sure won't make the situation better. But at least you get a little taste of myself.

Well, I'll get started asap. Thanks for the comment btw.


2014-11-15 16:06:49

One of the best years for movies! Been a looong time since I watched that one... my favorite from 1989 is probably Tango & Cash btw.

That dude's got some pretty mad skillz yo!

What a fast post update. :P Sure thing, good to see you're still around.

Mohabot responds:

I was born 1989 so that makes the first batman movie even better. Besides that it's even good as it is.

Lol, na, just kiddin. My ego speaks way too much sometimes ;) But Jack Nickolsson (spelling?) is one of my fav actors, so I guess that's why I like it so much.


2014-11-15 16:18:30

Me too. :) Ditto all other movies that year!

Mmm, I used t like that guy, but somewhere along the line I started opting more for action then the actual acting: among my favorites you'll find Donnie Yen,Jackie Chan, Stallone, Arnold, Wesley Snipes, Jet Li, Keanu Reeves, Will Smith, Scott Adkins, a bunch of other forgotten names!

Mohabot responds:

Acting is the heart of a good movie, so Jack Nickolsson has a high place on my list. Sides that I kinda find his craziness comical, like when he puts his tounge out on the Shining.


2014-11-15 16:54:39

True that. He's a diverse artist, high up on the list of diversities... along with the many multi-talents like Al Paccino and Leonardo DiCaprio. Though nothing's quite as inspiring as a good martial arts scene! Seems we may have a bit different taste in movies though. :)

Mmm, I watched that movie expecting something incredibly scary, but it was a bit of a let down... too high expectations probably!

Mohabot responds:

Yeah, well, to each their own.


2014-11-15 17:54:48

Alas, it's the way of the world! Each to their own... when we could all live in unity and... enjoy the masterful martial arts battles as one. ;)

Mohabot responds:

Hehe. I've never really been into fighting and stuff mostly because I suck at it. But yeah, it's the way of the world. So you gotta start appreciate it in one way or another.

Chop chop!


2014-11-25 15:24:10

Well I'm probably no fighter either, it just gets me inspirerad! Not the violence in itself, but the fluidity of movement, all those amazing feats the human body is capable of. :)



2014-11-29 13:17:00

Oh, new account! Hope this one will still be here though, an archive of audio and (1) artwork?