Farewell, 2014!

2014-12-30 08:46:41 by Mohabot

So, it's 2015 soon... already, or finally, I don't know, but the last month sure has been forever. Nontheless I feel very happy to see this year going because the new is always welcome in my eyes, especially IF it's going to be an improvement. I can't even imagine for now what's waiting for me ahead this road, because right now? Honestly I feel very lazy and unmotivated. Been isolating myself for 3 days a row now. Part of me is still not able to believe in the future, maybe because it now finally has learned to realize nothing lasts forever. That is, neither good stuff, not even the bad (luckily!). My "It"-part has been through a lot of discouragement during life, but it did more than it's best which is just... amazing imo. Life has been hard, but it also had it's awesome, beautiful and magical moments. Thinking of how much useless bitchin and moanin I wasted my time on, it came as a big surprise to burst out in tears during the farewell-phase to life.

Anyway, it's new year soon, so I'll just say Happy New Year. I hope you'll enjoy the last moments of 2014 and of course the rest of 2015 and all the other coming years. Life has been a great tutor and eye-opener.

PS. This will probably be my last news update on this account. I doubt you'll see me using this account ever again. I'm tired of this nickname, and my BBS post history is.. well, quite abusive. BUT! All my old artwork will be left as is, so don't worry about deletion of Mohabot. Mohabot will remain a legend (and mystery??) of Newgrounds...

.. The End.


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