PC Soon!

2015-05-05 07:33:27 by Mohabot

I bought myself a mouse and wifi so I can use my PC again! Also getting phaaaaat speakers. Finally some music through other means than headphones + iPhone...


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2015-05-05 12:10:49

ooooh what kind of speakers? i use alesis mixing speakers (aside from actually mixing and mastering music) and they just sound great for everything, if you're looking for something that's gonna last awhile and has great quality

Mohabot responds:

I ordered myself HRT Stage. Apparently they're supposed to be monster in sound quality. Let's hope they deliver.. which I sure they will. It cost a whole loads!

Only minus is that the design is so-so. I had a system from Razer before that.. kicked ass. Besides that the speakers were designed as bongo drums and oh-were they solid. Too bad I accidentally tipped water over it. Had to switch over to cheap ass pizza speakers all up until now.

Can't wait <3 Supposed to be delivered tomorrow :)