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2014-11-15 11:10:53 by Mohabot

Deleted due to excessive horrible. I'm sorry guys... :(


16/11: Starting today. Wish me luck


25/11: It's going pretty well. So far so good.


29/11: I'm probably getting a new account. Maybe next year, I wouldn't think any sooner than that. Personally I hope as soon as possible... cause I wanna get out there into the world of possibilities. My 1 roomed apartment is getting kinda rusty to live in.


2014-08-19 10:02:32 by Mohabot

Mohabot died.

How bo you?

2013-09-21 14:27:57 by Mohabot

So you do you? GASP GASP :OOO


2013-06-30 10:53:12 by Mohabot

I felt the urge to update the front page headline because... well, it was old an out of date. So now I'm coming with a new one.

Do you have anything to say? I don't. But if you do, then hey, how about dropping a comment or something, aye?

New theme and features

2013-05-11 03:40:27 by Mohabot

Got a new theme for BasiChat and a few extra features. BasiChat is a chat system currently in development, although I finished v. 1.0 quite a while ago. I'm however tweaking around with it as I find it's entertaining to continue building on it and watch it grow. Like the title implies it's a basic chat, and I don't intend it to become something grandious.

New features:
Email confirmation. Register and you get a mail in your junkbox. The mail contains an activation link which will direct your temporary account stored in temp_members to the real members database (or table). After the procedure you will be able to log on, otherwise you can not.

Userlist: Type /users or /online and hit enter. You get a list of currently online users which will most probably only list one person (you) because it'd be a miracle if multiple users would be using it at once. I've tried it while logged on with several instances of web browsers at once, and it does work.

Change nick and font color: This is part of the "config plan". There's a link which will open up a box, which will contain everything planned in the "config plan". Right now I've only finished two plans: switching nick and fontcolor. fontcolor is highly flexible as you can choose whatever color you want as long as its stated in its HEX representative. Im planning on adding a color swatch/palette, so for now you need to use programs such as Photoshop, GIMP or to get the color of your choice.

New theme: I'm not exactly fully content with the looks of it, but at least it doesn't look as depressing as before.

That's all for now. I'm gonna code some more features, and I already have a few in my head. Maybe you can suggest me a few features I could try implementing? That'd be neat.

Here's a new link to the chat btw.

And yes, no link yet. I promise, I'm totally broke and so have no money to buy a domain... haha.


2013-04-24 12:40:37 by Mohabot

So... yeah... I am making a very own webchatt app now. Its gonna be simple and straight forward, then Im gonna sell it until I get the money to dominate the world. Imagine the world in my hands... mwa ha ha.

BTW, Heres a fucking link that you can click on

and if you click on it, youll become an experimental object of mine.

THE Unofficial NG Chat

2013-02-16 15:55:43 by Mohabot

Hello! I have opened a new chat for you chat hungry people on Newgrounds. We bear a completely different kind of atmosphere compared to the official NG chat, so if youre interested in a different kind of place, please, here, have a visit.


2013-02-02 02:48:33 by Mohabot

To update the news cause its been a while. As I am a humorless boring sob, I have no witty jokes or stories for you. So if thats what youre looking for, you can stop reading NOW.


PS. Well, you read to the end anyways. Congrats! Did you laugh? Awh, it wasnt even supposed to be funny!


2011-08-18 05:50:21 by Mohabot

It's a news post.